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Holiday Villa Auction is a platform, where holiday villa owners and potential holiday makers can meet. our auction platform assists holiday villa owners with an alternative method of renting out available holiday weeks and provides holiday makers with a tool to bid on the rental price of selected holiday villas. The owner of the holiday villa sets the starting price and the bidder determines the maximum price he wants to pay. The bidder of the highest bid wins the auction.

Holiday Villa Auction is a subsidiary of Eurexico B.V. based in the Netherlands. Another subsidiary of Eurexico B.V. is Residence Royale, an expert rental agency renting out luxury holiday villas in the southern countries of Europe.

Residence Royale has seen first hand that a number of holiday villa owners end up with vacant weeks, that they are unable to let. By providing a safe, convenient and easy to use site Holiday Villa Auction allows villa owners to rent out available holiday weeks, while holiday makers can determine the price they want to pay for a selected holiday rental.

Holiday Villa Auction gives interested renters the opportunity to bid on the rental rate of a holiday villa. The renter determines the price he wants to pay, while the owner has the opportunity to rent out his villa more often. In this way both owner and renter can benefit of the still available villas.